Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Why I (Katy) Blogged

I have a few friends who have blogged as a good way to show everyone everywhere pictures of their families and I agree this is a good way for other family and friends far away to see updates of Florence. I will try to keep this updated so we can watch her grow together and others can see her personality from afar. When ever she sees the camera she gets serious, but loves to smile and talk to anyone who will let her and play with her. She loves life and we love to have her with us. When we get a family picture past her few hours old picture I will post it:) I hope you guys like the pictures and tell me what you want to see most. ~Love and God Bless~
~Katy Bruns

Dad and I as 3 day olds

Dad and I were almost identical when were 3 days old and we still look alot, I do look like mom to but people and mom agree I look more like my dad. And thats not a bad thing :)

I like the water

We got a pool because is so hot and the tempature is more appealing for Florence to enjoy. She getting to like it as long as its peacefull and not alot of spashing or screaming.

I love sweets

I take after mom and love sweets.

My Dad and I

We have lots of time together:) This is our serious picture.

My bottle

I love to eat and no one is taking my bottle


The day our family became three :) Everything new and exciting, nothing can prepare you for the feelings and joy of being married and starting a family. God new what He was doing and I will never fully imagine everything He has instore for His people.