Saturday, April 30, 2011

Easter 2011. Life is constantly changing as we wait for Brent to get a heart transplant. The Lord has blessed me to get to stay home now and have more time with the kids and Brent. Through all our trials we are contiually blessed. The Lord has provided wounderful friends for support, near and far praying and encouraging us. All I can do is thank the Lord for everything. Doctors who are so wouderful, wise and close by. All that He is teaching us, and doing for us :)

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Life has been busy

Life is always changing we have been real busy, I don't work anymore, I was needed more at home taking care of my family. Sickness is down with kids since I don't work and I seem to be healthier too. Brent's heart has gotten worst and we are now waiting for a heart transplant at this time. He got a mechanical heart on July 7Th, he was in the hospital for 38 days total and now recovering from the open heart surgery. It is nice to see him doing better again, and I can't wait to see him healthy some day :) I will post new pictures soon. We are having his party soon to celebrate his 40 years of life and at least 40 more is what I am praying for :) The kids are growing so fast, they aren't so little anymore and so full of life. Each has their own character and its so much fun to watch them. Well, its late but wanted to update the blog and I will work on those pictures :)

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Big boy toys

Saw at a yard sale, they had a good price but still out of my range, I thought that I should have evidence though. Pictures are easier and I don't have to mess up the description with an explanation.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

King for a day.

Too cute.

Tired after a long hour of jumping. Crashed before anyone noticed.

Money see monkey do, Sophia loves to follow her big sister everywhere.

Sophia posing for the camera.

Florence posing for the camera.

The girls at Church just doing some coloring.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Some quick picture updates

Its been busy but thought I could get some pictures downloaded for you all :)

Here's all the Bruns Grandkids

Here's the boys Tippen's cousin Jonah is a good helper :)

I'll put up more pictures soon, Tippen needs to go to sleep and I don't quite know the new computer well enough to figure it out quick enough. Good night. :)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Been busy but have a moment

Well, I'm back to work and I knew once I went back it would get hectic. Grandpa Bruns went to the hospital with Pneumonia and Pleurisy, but is home as of Saturday doing better. I finally got Brent to go to the doctor and we found out that his heart's rhythm is in the wrong beat, its called A-fib for short and spelling purposes. So shortly here when all is ready the doctor will shock his heart to make it go back to the normal rhythm. This is common with his sort of heart condition, I knew something was wrong when after he lost allot of weight and feeling good then this last summer he wasn't feeling as good and was tired, not as able to do as much as he use to when he first lost the weight. So we are praying that this will work so he will start feeling better. We are having allot of fun with the kids and my hormones I think are starting to balance out after having Tippen. I am hoping because I am wanting to start feeling normal again and get rid of the up and downs. I am hoping to lose the weight I have gained to and it should help with my energy problem. I just don't feel like my normal self for now. I know the Lord is working in our lives and has an awesome plan taking place and everything will work out according to His will so I take great comfort in that. Well enough of that I'll show you some more pictures :)

Florence holding Tippen

Well Tippen awakes I will go now before my computer shuts down again and take care of Tippen.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

My goodness

Well, Tippen is a healthy boy. On Thursday he got circumcised and was just a few ounces away from 11 pounds. He's 5 weeks old as of Friday. We felt bad for him on Thursday but we agreed it was for his best. He's doing good, it is one thing that shows the big difference between boys and girls. The girls were alot easier in the beginning, less spit up and diaper changes were easier I feel. So, our house can be quite busy and alot of the time quite loud. Mommy is tired alot of the it sounds quite silly at times. Well I should go for now, I hope to have time next time to post pictures. ~Katy