Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I'm going to be a big sister :)

Mommy is now 15 weeks pregnant. The due date is Sept. 3rd, but it is a repeat c-section and the date is planned for Aug. 28th. One long and hot summer ahead. Mommy will try and update with pictures of myself and new one on the way. I'm going to be 1 year old on Friday March 16th and we'll have alot more pictures to show you all. Mommy loves showing me pictures of our friends online. Well talk to you all later, love Florence and Family

The grandpa's and great grandpa.

My great grandpa reads to me around thanksgiving.
My grandpa Bruns babysitting me.

And my grandpa Rovik on one of his visits.

Only three weeks apart

This is Mekenna and she was born three weeks before myself. And then not in the picture is Tavious (not sure of spelling) He was born in December before us. Greatgrandma and pa are so happy. Three greatgrandchildren in almost 3 months.


This is my cousins and I around christmas, there is more but we were a few that were there when the picture was taken and not busy.

Helping mommy.

Mommy was having fun putting things on me to see if they fit and saving things for the next baby. I did most of the work :)

A Princess

Do I look cute or what?

Can you believe I was this small?

This is when I had to be propped up (and trust me, I didn't like laying down) to play and watch mommy work.

What dad does so do I

After church on Sunday evening, mom was doing laundry and dad and I were reading the paper.

It's been awhile

Moms been busy so now she has alot of catch up to do. In this picture I was having a painfull teething day and night. Dad was real smart with the popsicle. I just chowed down and oh it felt so much better. Currently I have 8 teeth 4 on top and 4 on bottom.