Sunday, January 18, 2009

Been busy but have a moment

Well, I'm back to work and I knew once I went back it would get hectic. Grandpa Bruns went to the hospital with Pneumonia and Pleurisy, but is home as of Saturday doing better. I finally got Brent to go to the doctor and we found out that his heart's rhythm is in the wrong beat, its called A-fib for short and spelling purposes. So shortly here when all is ready the doctor will shock his heart to make it go back to the normal rhythm. This is common with his sort of heart condition, I knew something was wrong when after he lost allot of weight and feeling good then this last summer he wasn't feeling as good and was tired, not as able to do as much as he use to when he first lost the weight. So we are praying that this will work so he will start feeling better. We are having allot of fun with the kids and my hormones I think are starting to balance out after having Tippen. I am hoping because I am wanting to start feeling normal again and get rid of the up and downs. I am hoping to lose the weight I have gained to and it should help with my energy problem. I just don't feel like my normal self for now. I know the Lord is working in our lives and has an awesome plan taking place and everything will work out according to His will so I take great comfort in that. Well enough of that I'll show you some more pictures :)

Florence holding Tippen

Well Tippen awakes I will go now before my computer shuts down again and take care of Tippen.


Ashlee Joann said...

poor health sucks, huh? i'm going through some crazy stuff as well...but i've found complete peace knowing that God has my path paved already.... I'm only body will fail me, but He won't!

anyway, wishing you all the best...and just wanted to say how cute your kids are! :)

Connie said...

nGreat update Katy! Praying that Brent's heart gets the right beat back. Would love to see you guys sometime.