Saturday, September 04, 2010

Life has been busy

Life is always changing we have been real busy, I don't work anymore, I was needed more at home taking care of my family. Sickness is down with kids since I don't work and I seem to be healthier too. Brent's heart has gotten worst and we are now waiting for a heart transplant at this time. He got a mechanical heart on July 7Th, he was in the hospital for 38 days total and now recovering from the open heart surgery. It is nice to see him doing better again, and I can't wait to see him healthy some day :) I will post new pictures soon. We are having his party soon to celebrate his 40 years of life and at least 40 more is what I am praying for :) The kids are growing so fast, they aren't so little anymore and so full of life. Each has their own character and its so much fun to watch them. Well, its late but wanted to update the blog and I will work on those pictures :)

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Melissa G. said...

I'm praying for many more years for you and Brent. I'm sorry to hear he's not been doing well. Wow, you've been through a lot with your husband going through open heart surgery! I'm so glad you get to be home with your family now! I'm sure they love having you there! Love you and i'm thanking God for you!